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Des is annoyed that Steph is too busy to spend time with him. Percy leaves No.3 and makes Emily feel thoroughly guilty by telling her how happy he was in Coronation Street. Don drops off his belongings while Percy walks there carrying Randy's cage. Betty takes command of the Rovers with the Gilroys in Torquay and puts Jack to work in the kitchen. Winnie Dyson settles Percy into her guest house - "NorWin". He doesn't like the idea of living with her cat Fluffy. Vicky coming to live with the Gilroys makes Vera wonder about her grandson. Betty enjoys bossing Jack around. Kevin gets Angie to babysit Rosie while he takes Sally out to the pictures. Deirdre goes to the address Dean gave her and finds a battered Phil about to leave the country. She's sickened to discover that he's married. His wife Valerie tells her that she's one of many women he's been with. Deirdre has enough of Phil and leaves without hearing him out. Don tells Phyllis where Percy is living. Steph spends the evening with Simon Beatty, telling Des she's at a friend's leaving party. Deirdre feels dirty and hates herself for being a fool. Ivy hears from Vera that Deirdre has been crying in the street and tells Don that he must go to the police with her. He refuses to put his neck on the line. Phyllis gives Winnie the once-over. They hit it off and to Percy's horror start singing together. Whilst entertaining a client in a wine bar, Derek sees Steph kissing Simon.


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Jack Duckworth: "I am bar staff, Oh cuddly one... not a flamin' scullery maid."
Betty Turpin: "I am management, Oh idle one... so less of yer flippin' lip!"

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