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Ivy doesn't care that Phil didn't pay Don. Des waited up for Steph, who came home after 2.00am. Mike has the locks changed at 17 Elmgate Gardens. Alec and Vicky return from Whitby. Alec tells Bet that Vicky didn't cry when she saw her parents' bodies. He worries that she's bottling up her grief. Bet comforts Alec when the pressure of the situation causes him to break down. Percy asks Rita and Mavis to talk sense into Emily before it's too late. Mavis defends Emily who she says is only moving to get away from him. Mike is confident that he can worm his way back into Jackie's affections if he can see her by herself. Deirdre asks Mike for help - she hasn't seen or heard from Phil since Don saw him being knocked about. She's appalled when he says that Phil had it coming. Jackie tells Gordon Barrett to strike any deal he has to in order to get Mike out of her house. Percy is knocked for six by Mavis's tirade and avoids Emily. Deirdre asks Don why he didn't do anything to help Phil. He tells her that Phil ordered his thugs to bash him in. Bet advises Alec to include Vicky in all the funeral arrangements. Deirdre worries that Phil has been left for dead. Don talks her out of contacting the police; Phil won't thank her if he's up to anything dodgy. Steph shies away from Des. Mike turns Barrett away, saying he'll speak only to Jackie. Jackie is tempted to see Mike when she hears that it could be as long as five years before she's free of him. Percy tells Emily he's found somewhere else to live and will be gone by the end of the week.


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