Ivy enjoyed her dinner at an expensive restaurant. Don is preoccupied with finding Phil and his £450. Steph tells Des she's going to a colleague's farewell do as cover for a date with Simon Beatty. Deirdre mentions the card school to Ivy, assuming she already knows. Mavis turns down an invitation for her and Derek to visit Victor in Darlington as she's afraid that Victor won't be able to keep his hands off her. Rita is relieved to hear from Liz that Reg has gone off the idea of buying No.3. Alec wants everything perfect for Victoria and puts everyone on their best behaviour. Before they go to the station, a police sergeant arrives to tell him that Sandra and Tim Arden have been killed in a car crash in Whitby. Ivy rows with Don, telling him that as far as she's concerned it makes no difference if he won or not. She feels guilty that they've been spending Deirdre's money. Alec and Bet meet Victoria off the train and have to break the news to her. Phil calls on Deirdre via the back door and asks her to trust him. She agrees. Alec goes to Whitby to sort out identification. Victoria goes along at her own insistence. Don corners Phil at PJ Promotions and demands his £450. Phil refuses to pay up. Scotch Tommy arrives and Phil tells him to deal with Don. Instead of hitting Don, Tommy thumps Phil, who owes Tommy money too. Don runs off while he has the chance. Simon takes Steph to the theatre and then back to his flat. Deirdre is troubled when Don tells her what happened at the factory unit. Jackie and her solicitor, Gordon Barrett, tell Mike to leave the house. He refuses so they tell him they're going to tell the police that he has been misappropriating company funds.


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