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Jackie and Mike agree to keep the factory if he can save it. Percy won't admit that he sabotaged No.3's plumbing during the viewing. Phil asks Mike for £500 to tide him over. Mike feels he'd never get it back and refuses. Mrs Cudlip arrives early to view No.3 and is shown around by Percy. She loves the house but is put off when he tells her it's a noisy area with a single parent family next door. Dean Lockwood grows tired of not being paid by Phil. Emily hears from the estate agent that Mrs Cudlip had been warned about the neighbours. She tells Percy he'll have to accept the fact that she is selling. Phil goes to Jackie for the £500. He tries to charm her but she realises he's in trouble and tells him Mike runs the business. In revenge he tells her all he knows about Mike's deceptions and previous marriages. Percy worries that he'll end up living miles away from everyone he knows. Mike lands a big contract and wants to celebrate. He's bewildered when Jackie tells him she wants rid of the factory and him. She tells him that she knows all about Deirdre and Susan and how he set up Charlie Travers to put in a low offer on the factory. She accuses him of setting her up and throws her rings at him. Jack wins on the horses. Phil arranges a card game with him and Don. Reg is interested in buying No.3. Jackie threatens Mike with a shotgun. He goads her to pull the trigger and grabs it off her. After Jackie drives off in her car, Mike is shocked to find the gun was loaded.


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