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Walter has a photographic session for publicity pictures. Harry continues to rage at Lucille for the tattoo. He throws the Photographer out of his house when he asks for permission to shoot pictures of Lucille in her position of president of "Brett Falcon"'s fan club and threatens Walter with violence for the bother he's causing. Walter is distraught and subdued with Dennis. He is unable to go anywhere without being chased by screaming girls. Concepta worries over Lucille. Val rows with Ken when he and Dave write to the papers over the lack of a school crossing. She tells him that if he gets the sack she'll leave him. She asks him to tear the letter up and finds out it's already been sent. Frank is annoyed when he sees the published letter. Ena is annoyed that Myra won't sign Swindley's petition against the nightclub and makes Minnie sign it. Martha makes her displeasure at Lucille's tattoo plain. Dennis finds the hard work at Amalgamated Steel is getting to him. Walter gets a phone call from London offering him a European tour with the group. Ken tells Val and Albert the head is snubbing him at work. Dave moves into Frank's flat but Val still finds his presence annoying. Ena makes Martha sign the petition and she and Swindley form a friendly alliance to fight Laurie. Walter feels trapped in his room by the constant chants and screams.


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