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On Sunday, a band marches down Coronation and Rosamund Streets. Jack sulks when the Gilroys go out for the day and leave the Rovers' key with Betty. The Websters and Tilsleys plan an outing to Chester Zoo and invite Alma along but she turns them down, assuring them that she's keeping busy and not moping about Mike. Mike and Jackie spend their honeymoon rowing about the factory being sold to Ralph Dobson. Mike feels she has made him redundant and he's wasted his time trying to save the business. Alma walks out of the Rovers when Ken and Don go on about Mike. Emily suggests that Percy apply for sheltered accommodation. He refuses to be dependent on other people or accept lodgings of a lower standard that he's used to. Mike is aghast at Jackie's idea of spending two years in the Caribbean; they'd go out of their minds. He tells her that it's in his nature to work and he can't rest. Jackie tells him how Peter worked himself to death but it doesn't change his mind. The next day, Ivy starts at Bettabuy. Percy advertises for lodgings in the cafe but takes it down when Phyllis walks in. Mike returns to the factory and tells Dobson to clear out. Dobson hints that he knows Mike hasn't been straight with Jackie. Jackie tells Dobson they're not selling because of Mike. Dobson lets her know that Alcazar Holdings's only asset is a five-year head-lease on Jim's Cafe and Alma's flat which are being sublet for peanuts.


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