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Percy tries to put Emily off selling No.3. She's excited about starting again somewhere new but he tells her she's too old. Alf rests in hospital. Audrey has to look after Alf and the shop, with Ivy leaving to work at Bettabuy. Gail is incredulous when she moans about Ivy leaving her in the lurch, after she spent so long trying to get rid of her. Alma is bitter knowing that it's Mike's wedding day. She feels he will be unhappy with Jackie and it serves him right. Jackie allows Ralph Dobson to go through the factory's accounts while the wedding is taking place. Deirdre worries that her secret isn't safe with Phil. Mr Simpson, an estate agent, views No.3. Ivy finishes at the shop. She and Audrey resist the urge to start another argument when they make digs at each other. Phil keeps on at Mike about a loan. Mike and Jackie are married at the register office. Percy tells the neighbours that Emily is selling up. Phyllis drops hints about Percy coming to live with her. Phil introduces his best man's speech by promising the truth about Mike. Deirdre and Mike are relieved when it's a jokey speech praising Mike for his charity and religious devotion. Percy and Emily agree to disagree about Emily selling the house. Jackie gives a surprised Mike his wedding present - the knowledge that they're going to sell the factory and take time off. He's horrified. Dobson notices Alcazar Holdings in the accounts and calls on Alma to establish that she runs the cafe.


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