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Ivy asks Vera not to do her any more "favours". Audrey is nearly at breaking point and moves back into Alma's flat as she doesn't want Gail's sympathy. Percy is upset when Emily goes away by herself. Phyllis drives him out of the cafe with her gossip-mongering. Alf's nerves begin to take the form of anger, which is mostly directed at Reg. Audrey is sick of fighting Alf but is too proud to crawl back to him, especially with Ivy still at the shop. Mike tries to save Ingram's. Jackie suggests cancelling the wedding but they agree to scale it back instead. Deirdre wants to look the part at Mike's flashy wedding and asks Phil for a good wage, Phil having cash flow problems of his own. Reg makes sure that Alf is in the Rovers before going to the shop to offer Ivy £6,000 a year to work at Bettabuy. She tells him that she's happy with Alf but lets him do a test on her to see how quick she is on the till. Alf returns while she's scanning the products and bullies Reg into buying them. A frightened Reg carries the stock out of the shop by hand as he has no money left for a carrier bag. He runs from the shop, leaving a trail of groceries in his wake. Audrey goes to the job centre, looking for work. On the way back, she refuses to use Don's taxi, telling him that she blames Ivy for breaking up her marriage. Jackie cuts her honeymoon back to a weekend as she can't bring herself to buy a wedding dress on the cheap. Audrey feels useless when she doesn't get a job. Ivy decides she's had enough of Alf and Audrey's arguments and gives Alf a week's notice.


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