Des is finding it hard to stay pleasant to Derek. Alf is convinced by Audrey's behaviour since their split that he was only ever a meal ticket to her. Audrey accuses Don of covering up for Alf as she thinks that he was with Vivian Barford, not fishing. Gail is angry when her questioning drives Don out of the cafe. Deirdre wants to know why Phil is avoiding the taxman. He tells her it's nothing. Don warns Alf what Audrey has been saying and suggests getting Jim to corroborate his story but Alf decides to let her carry on with her silly ideas. Alma phones the agents pretending to be Mike's secretary to confirm that Mike does own the cafe. She accuses Gail of dealing with Mike behind her back, and is furious that she's working to line Mike's pockets. Gail urges her to see that it doesn't matter; its just Mike's way of unloading guilt. Dean Lockwood tells Deirdre that Phil's arcade in Travers Road has closed down; she knew nothing about it. Audrey can't stand being on her own and decides to return home. Derek insists that Des hasn't put right the damage and that he's only removed the evidence. Mavis accuses him of being obsessed. Martin drops Audrey off only for her to discover that Alf has changed the locks. Derek makes his peace with the Barneses with a round of mead. Audrey dumps herself on Gail and tells her that she has decided to play Alf at his own game and get a divorce.


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