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Concepta celebrates her birthday. She is delighted with her present of an expensive wrap from Harry for going out tonight in. Val and Annie call with their cards and a present. Lucille gets out of bed and realises she has forgotten the occasion. Len taunts Elsie that she is getting ideas above her station and she retorts that she has better prospects now but refuses to elaborate. Dennis doesn't want to go to work but Elsie forces him. Ken furnishes the shop flat with a job lot bought from a junk shop. Albert warns him against getting too involved in Dave's causes. The fans continue to hold fort outside No.11. Without saying why, Laurie questions Annie about their trade and clubs in the area. Martha overhears and surmises to Ena as to what he's up to. When the fans chalk "I love Brett" over the Vestry, Ena demands their removal and is shocked when Lucille defies her. Florrie has put in an application in for a sub-Post Office in the Corner Shop, telling Concepta her business needs the boost. Lucille complains to Walter about Jennifer Knott and determines to remove her influence. Ena tells Swindley about the possible club. He's outraged and is determined to oppose it. He calls on Elsie to get confirmation of the rumour and gets no denial from Laurie. Swindley tells him he will fight him over the plans. Lucille is late coming home to babysit Christopher and delaying Harry and Concepta going out. They are horrified to see that she has had a "Brett Falcon" tattoo inked onto her arm.


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