Audrey thinks Alf values his profit margin more than her. Alf is stung and agrees to have a word with Ivy. Steph can't find her silk scarf, unaware that Steve stole it to keep as a love-token. Steve storms out again when Liz complains about him mooching around. No plants grow in the Wiltons' garden because of the shadow cast by the boat. Derek is afraid to tackle Des about it and makes excuses to Mavis. A slip of the tongue makes Ivy worry that Alf plans to get rid of her. Liz believes Steph led Steve on. Des tells her that he didn't need any encouragement. Jill Devonshire, the loss assessor, inspects No.9. Jack uses his charm to ensure a good report. Jill is suspicious about the damage to the hallway as it's at the opposite side of the house from the bathroom. Steph spots Steve spying on her at work. She tells Des to sort him out as he's beginning to give her the creeps. Mike and Jackie disagree over the running of the factory. Mavis doesn't believe the boat will ever launch and demands action from Des. She's mollified when he shows her the engine he's just bought. Steph is livid that Liz thinks she encouraged Steve. Andy works out that Steve's scarf is Steph's and thinks she gave it to him. Ivy braces herself for bad news but Alf just tells her that she's a good worker. Jack is confident that they've got away with the insurance claim. Mike gives Jackie an engagement ring and they make up. Alf tells Audrey to sack Ivy herself if she wants her out. Audrey says that she will - first thing tomorrow.


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