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Alf and Audrey arrive at the shop and find the freezer totally defrosted. Alf accuses Audrey of switching it off. Steph is off work so has to spend the day with smitten Steve. Des thinks it's hilarious that Steve fancies Steph. Liz copes with Steve's absence by pampering Andy. She believes Steph lured Steve away. Audrey blames Ivy for the freezer fiasco as she locked up last night. Alf doesn't think she'd be that stupid. Audrey is annoyed that he rates Ivy higher than his own wife. Tracy tells Ken about Deirdre's partnership with Phil. Steph tells Steve they don't want a lodger and asks him to go home for her sake. He agrees, but hasn't changed his mind about the resits. Ivy protests her innocence when she finds out about the freezer. Alf's customers make the most of his half-price sale on frozen food. Liz asks Ken to have a word with Steve. Audrey goads Ivy when Martin is in to thank Audrey for looking after the kids yesterday. Alf is satisfied that one of the grandchildren switched the freezer off but Audrey still thinks it was Ivy. Mrs Shaw comes to see Mavis in The Kabin and tells her that she will not proceed with the tribunal. Deirdre sets up her office. Phil asks her not to broadcast his whereabouts to the taxman. Ken tries to sell Steve on the importance of gaining GCSEs. Steve agrees to think about it to get Ken off his back. Derek celebrates his job and reputation being saved. Steve gives Steph chocolates for letting him stay and complains that everybody except her treats him like a child. Ivy offers to leave the shop to keep Audrey happy. Alf won't hear of it. Audrey storms out in a temper, swearing never to return.


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