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Des feels that Steve is outstaying his welcome after three days. Steve annoys Des by waking him up at 7.28am with his loud music but makes up for it by making breakfast for him and Steph. Liz is upset that Steve prefers living with strangers. Jim is sure that he'll return when the novelty wears off. Deirdre doesn't want to take Phil's job as she thinks he's created it for her out of pity. Mavis feels she must see Mrs Shaw and tell her about the parsnips. Rita thinks it's a bad idea and convinces her to try and get Mrs Shaw's job back instead. Phil shows Deirdre around Unit 14, currently a repair and storage shop for PJ Leisure. He tells her that this will be the headquarters of PJ Promotions and asks her to be a full partner and run the business for him. She's concerned about her lack of business experience but accepts as she's desperate for work. Phyllis spreads the news that Steve has been sleeping at No.6. Steve tells Jim that he likes Des and Steph as they treat him like an adult. Jim tells him that there'll always be a bed for him at No.11. Sarah Louise turns the freezer off in the shop whilst Audrey is looking after the kids. Liz fears Steve will never come home when she hears he's moved into the Barneses' spare room. Mavis tells Mrs Shaw that Derek is a decent man and suggests that Victor might take her back. She flatters the woman, saying can understand why Derek would be tempted. Liz asks Steph to tell Steve he has to leave. Steve refuses to comply. Steph is disturbed when Steve shows that he's in love with her.


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