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Steph sees somebody moving about in the boat. Des confronts the stowaway and discovers that Steve spent the night there. Steve calls home and lets Liz know where he is. Liz is distraught when he says he left home because Jim ordered him to. Deirdre hates the telesales as people keep hanging up on her. Liz tells Steve that Jim wasn't being serious and asks him to come home. Leaving with the impression that normality is resumed, she lets Steve stay working on the boat as long as he's not a nuisance to Des and Steph. Liz returns to the Rovers. Ken offers to pay for Tracy's trip to France. Deirdre agrees. Derek visits Mrs Shaw and she agrees that he wasn't really harassing her. He offers her a good reference if she drops the allegations. Mr Shaw arrives and accuses Derek of laying hands on his wife. He refuses to believe the sacking had nothing to do with the harassment and brands it a cover-up. Steve wants to continue sleeping on the boat. Steph says it's alright so long as his parents agree. Liz doesn't approve but lets him go. The telesales people sack Deirdre for not getting any jobs. Victor calls on Mavis to see how she's coping with the sexual harassment case. She says she's standing by Derek. While he's there, Derek returns and tells Mavis that his meeting with Mrs Shaw went badly. Derek is horrified that Victor has overheard him. Steph worries that it'll rain and moves Steve into the spare room. Phil asks Deirdre to front his new business, PJ Promotions. She isn't sure.


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