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Jack and Vera move their furniture into the back yard as they try to dry out No.9. Curly gives Vera the day off to sort it out. He worries he's let the cat out of the bag when he tells Vera she can't come into No.7 as Angie isn't decent. Ivy starts work at the shop. Alf leaves Audrey in charge of Ivy while he attends his first committee meeting since the election. Ivy is pleasantly surprised when Audrey compliments her work. Percy advises Jack to claim for the water damage on his insurance. Audrey takes the afternoon off to go shopping, telling Ivy she has confidence in her to manage by herself. Ivy has to work through her lunch break. Alf is peeved when he finds out but Ivy doesn't mind. Deirdre hopes to use her contacts on the council to get a job. Curly is amazed when Angie is brazen about their relationship. Mavis considers giving Derek an aphrodisiac. Rita suggests that she tries parsnips after reading about it in a magazine. Phil gets Deirdre to face the Rovers for the first time since her defeat, persuading her not to hold a grudge over the way Alec ran Alf's campaign. Jack tells Vera they'll go to town on the insurance. Phil offers Deirdre a job as his personal assistant. She turns him down, preferring to get a job on her own merits.


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