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On bank holiday Monday, Deirdre keeps busy to avoid dwelling on her election defeat. Alf gets sick of Audrey's snide remarks about Vivian Barford and tells her that she had every right to be present at his moment of victory. Alec is happy to have wrecked Phil's club plans. Bet admits that they were never on the table. Curly still hasn't heard from Raquel. Angie goes to a see a fashion manufacturer about her designs. The water goes off on the terraced side of the street while Vera is running a bath. As Alec considers he got Alf elected as councillor, he demands that Alf sorts it out. Alf gets onto the water company but only confirms that there's a fault. Alec is aghast to hear that the water could be off for two days; without working toilets he'll have to close the Rovers. Vera gets short shrift from the Wiltons when she asks to use their toilet. Raquel returns and tells Curly she spent the weekend at her photographer's studio in London. She gives him the push as she wishes to further her modelling career. Curly feels a mug for supporting her before. Angie sees some of her own designs at the manufacturers; someone saw Raquel wearing them at the Poly fashion show and stole them. The Rovers runs out of clean glasses. Alec refuses to shut his doors and serves beer in plastic glasses. After their lousy days, Angie and Curly kiss.


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