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Vera is terrified of what Mrs Maxwell-Glover will do when she finds out she and Jack are frauds and rings her to say they can't take the jobs. She then tells Curly she's staying at Bettabuy and asks for his help smoothing things over with Reg. Pete Waring of the Gazette investigates the eviction threat. Alec tells him there's no truth in it before ordering Alf to make peace with Ken. Deirdre and Emily feel close to victory as Alf seems bent on sinking his own campaign. Curly appeals to Reg to extend Vera consideration due to her mother's recent death. Reg accepts Vera's apology. Curly worries that the photographer will want Raquel to pose nude. Alf seeks out Ken at Weatherfield Comprehensive and withdraws his ultimatum. He and Ken agree on "no more nonsense". Mrs Maxwell-Glover's house is burgled and the police question the Duckworths. They think it's about the expenses and confess. Ken replaces the poster in his window. Det. Sgt. Richardson finds the story of the Duckworths' job very amusing and stays for tea. He leaves the matter of returning the £30 to Mrs Maxwell-Glover up to them. Alf glues a "vote Roberts" poster onto the outside of Ken's window, covering the "vote Barlow" one. Alf and Ken row in the Rovers and they start pushing each other. The Gazette reporter and his photographer are present, having been summoned there by Alec to put the record straight, and they take a photograph.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Why are the police calling at No 9 and will the Duckworths crack under interrogation? Alec sets up an interview for Alf.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 15,150,000 viewers (7th place - combined figure including repeat).
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