Myra continues to help Swindley get the shop ready for the sale on Monday. Ena demands a marked-down scarf that shouldn't yet have been placed in the window but changes her mind when she spots that it's moth-infested. Lucille tries to sell tickets for Walter's concert next week at the Palais de Danse. Myra buys two. Harry comes home for dinner, intending to take Dennis for his interview at Amalgamated Steel afterwards. Lucille is delighted when Harry tells her she can go to the concert. Val is similarly delighted when Ken goes after promotion as Head of English on an extra £150 a year. Dave thinks that if he gets it he can do something about the school crossing that's needed but Val thinks it could mean Ken would be rocking the boat too soon. Dennis puts on a loud tartan suit for his interview, amusing Elsie, but Harry thinks he's overdressed. Frank is annoyed with Len for delaying the repairs on his shop flat but is mollified when he hears that he's starting work that afternoon. Annie tells Elsie that Joan has returned to Derby but denies that she and Gordon went through a rough patch. The workmen at Amalgamated Steel are amused by Dennis's appearance when he arrives for his interview. Val causes offence when she says to Concepta that Harry lacks ambition. Dennis gets the job and shops for overalls at Gamma and Swindley allows him credit. Len and Elsie laugh when they prove to be oversized. Minnie gives him Armistead's old brew-can. Elsie invites her, Ena and an unwilling Len to stay for tea. Concepta talks about Ken's success and Harry offers to send her and the kids on a holiday of their own but she refuses to go without him. Dave is annoyed that Ken didn't confront the Headmaster about the crossing although he did raise other issues. Val tells Ken not to jeopardise his promotion by doing so, saying he's once again putting her in second place to his ideals.


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