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Percy humbles himself to do Joss's shopping. Deirdre doesn't allow Tracy to go to a pop concert with her friends as she's too young. Steph tells Phyllis that Des has left home and she doesn't care. Des returns with his bag, unseen by Steph as she departs for the town centre in a taxi. Angie does the household's shopping at Bettabuy, sparking embarrassment from Curly and jealousy from Raquel. Percy is aggrieved to find that Joss was drinking at the Rovers while he was shopping for him. Steph finds Des waiting for her at home. She swears she didn't touch Clive Parnell but Des confronts her with her plane ticket which has Clive's number written on it. Andy is back at school. He sells unofficial posters for the concert, including one to Tracy. Phyllis worries that Steph went to see a solicitor and warns Des. Raquel tells Curly that she doesn't like him living with Angie as she flirts with him. Joss tells Jack about the good life he had in service in Kent. Phil buys Tracy a cassette of the tour. Deirdre shows him Tracy's poster which he says could get Andy into trouble with the big boys. Steph tells Des she went to see the girls at work, not a solicitor, but agrees to tell him the truth. Jack considers applying for a job as driver to a private house in Knutsford with Vera as a housekeeper; Joss can coach them. Angie plans a foursome dinner with Curly, Raquel and Ben Williams, in order to get to know Raquel. Curly hopes it'll put Raquel's mind at ease. Steph tells Des what really happened - how Clive pestered her on holiday and climbed onto her balcony at night. He wrote his number on the ticket himself. Des believes her and apologises but threatens to get at Clive.


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