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Phyllis cleans No.6 for Steph's return. Sally gives up work to look after Rosie. Martin takes her decision personally. Gail and Martin clash over the cafe; Martin wants her to cut her losses as she'll be working herself to death just to break even. Joss begins to annoy Percy with his tall tales. At Manchester Airport, Des picks up Steph, who is escorted by a mystery bloke she met on holiday. Steph makes out that he was just helping her with her luggage to stop Des getting jealous. Back in the street, Des leads Steph up the garden path, telling her truthfully that he never lifted a finger while she was away. She expects to find the house a tip and is pleased to find that the reverse is true. Joss tangos with Emily in the charity shop to the music of old records. Percy jealously pushes him out of the way. Joss falls, is knocked unconscious and is rushed to hospital. A guilty Percy goes in the ambulance with him. Mike meets with Mr Kendrew, pretending to be doing business for Ingram's. Des is suspicious when he reads an Italian comment on Steph's leg plaster. Joss recovers in hospital and has to have a blood transfusion. Vera blames Emily for dancing with him. Mike arranges a meeting with Gail to update her on the cafe's lease. When he rings the house, Martin answers the phone. Mike claims to be from Weatherfield Estates but Martin recognises his voice and demands that Gail tell him what's going on.


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