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Sally leaves Rosie with Martin for the morning as she returns to work. Vera considers writing back to the Queen. To save her from embarrassment, Jack tells her not to as she might have been the victim of a prank. Vera thinks the idea is too grand for Jack, a mere commoner. Sally worries all the time and keeps calling Martin to check up on Rosie. Gail refuses to admit defeat over the cafe but Alma doesn't see what they can do. Having returned from Belfast alone, Jim tells Alec that Liz is stopping on longer. Alec gives him his assurance that he'll keep Liz's job open, moments after telling Betty the opposite. Kevin collects Rosie from Martin but takes David by mistake as he was in Rosie's pram. Sally is furious that he can't recognise his own child. Jackie wants the marriage contract rewritten so that on marrying Mike, he owns 50% of everything. Gordon Barrett, Jackie's solicitor, changes her mind and drafts a new contract - on their marriage, Mike is given 25% of the business. Mike is pleased and signs it. Jack confesses to Vera that he sent the card as an April Fool. She doesn't believe him as it looked posh and thinks he's jealous of her breeding. Jack gets Angie, who designed it for him, to back him up but she denies all knowledge. Even when Angie later comes clean, Vera clings to her belief. Ivy is glad to hear that Gail will be out of work soon.


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  • TV Times synopsis: It's Sally's first day back at work. How will she cope without baby Rosie? Jackie has a second contract drawn up, but will it make any difference to Mike?
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 16,410,000 viewers (6th place - combined figure including repeat).
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