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On Easter Monday, while Joss is away visiting a cousin in Scarborough, Vera receives a card from the Queen asking her to keep quiet about their relationship. Ivy is adamant that children need their mother and tells Audrey that Martin will be minding Rosie as well as her grandchildren. Des throws a postcard from Steph where she brags about meeting a hunky ski instructor in the bin. Phyllis is impressed by all the gadgets in the house. Mike doesn't want to marry a woman who doesn't trust him. Jack tells Alec that he wrote the card to Vera as an April Fool. Vera makes a photo collage of the royals and proudly hangs it on the wall. Audrey thinks four children will be too much for Martin and tells Gail she doesn't approve. Sally is upset that she'll be stuck behind a shop counter when she wants to be with her baby but Kevin tells her they need the money. Vera wonders about her position in the line of succession. Jack plans to confess to her but realises it would crush her and changes his mind. Jackie grows annoyed at Mike's suffering attitude. Phyllis uses the ice cream maker to produce Bacardi and peanut ice cream. Sally calls Ivy a nosy old woman for criticising her decision to let Martin care for Rosie. Jackie rips the contract up and pleases Mike. Alma shows Gail the cafe lease - the landlord has upped the rent from £225 per month to £900. She tells Gail that they'll have to close.


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