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Ivy thinks it's unnatural that Martin is looking after the kids while Gail works. Mike is insulted that Jackie wants him to sign a contract saying he won't take the factory if they divorce, but agrees to it. She thought he'd put up more of a fight. Steve still wants to have a party at No.11 without Deirdre knowing but Andy is determined to prove to Jim that he's mature. Sally decides not to hold Gail going back to work against her as she wants to do the same. Mike assures Jackie that he will never leave her. Deirdre fears the bike shop has been broken into when Phil tells her the door is open but it turns out to be the twins. Andy plans to run the shop while Jim is away, taking messages and keeping things ticking over. Mike upsets Jackie by signing the contract without reading it. Sally asks Martin to look after Rosie for three hours a day and offers him money. He agrees. Phil warns Andy not to give Deirdre a hard time. Ivy thinks Gail doesn't want to be with her children and wonders what the world is coming to. She's shocked when Martin tells her that he's minding Rosie as well. Mike reads the contract. Ivy wants to ask Sally if Martin was being serious but Don tells her to mind her own business. Phyllis becomes Des's housekeeper and clears the mess from No.6. He is delighted with her. Mike is incensed by the safeguards Jackie has put in place to protect her money and property if they split. He tells her that he's not going to marry someone who is thinking ahead to a divorce.


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