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Martin spends his first day as a house-husband as Gail gleefully returns to the cafe. Unaware that Gail is back at work, Audrey riles Ivy by suggesting that she isn't pulling her weight with her grandchildren. Ivy tells her that Gail only has herself to blame if she's worn out and also has a go at Des for taking his marriage for granted. Jim worries about his mother's heart. Alma is glad to be working with Gail again. Emily doesn't approve of Martin looking after the kids, seeing it as a mother's job. Gail misses her children. Deirdre agrees to look after the twins as Liz and Jim go off to Belfast. Andy puts off leaving home until they're back. Sally tells Audrey she can return to the shop part-time as Gail will be minding Rosie but Emily lets her know that Gail is back at work. She accuses Gail of mucking her about. Mike is surprised when Jackie doesn't put in an offer on the house even though she loves it. The twins plan a house party before discovering that Deirdre will be watching them. Des thinks about hiring a cleaner. A catty Emily tells Deirdre she'll be too busy to fill in for Liz while she's in Belfast. Alec thinks Liz is being disloyal for joining Deirdre's campaign. Mike thinks Jackie is going to dump him when she won't tell him what's on her mind. Ivy learns about Gail and Martin's arrangement when Sally complains about Gail to her. Jackie tells a furious Mike that her solicitor wants him to sign a premarital contract.


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