Andy waits until breakfast to tell his parents he's quitting school. Vera sees a resemblance between Terry and Prince William. Jack can't believe she's buying into Joss's fantasy and can't resist telling Alec about it. Jim and Liz think Andy is throwing a tantrum because of the sweepstake. Andy feels he's not taken seriously. Steve apologises to Tracy for accusing her of shopping Andy but Ken thinks he's getting at her and warns him. Vivian Barford congratulates Alf on standing. Audrey is jealous and makes cracks about her weight. Joss is embarrassed when Alec asks him to find him a famous relative so he can put a certificate up in the bar. Jim sees Mrs Jeffers about Andy but the meeting doesn't go well. Audrey tells Alf to leave her out of his campaign. Steph books Don's taxi to take her to the airport. Des is sure that she won't get on the plane. Tracy wishes that Ken would move to another school as the other children exclude her, treating her as his mole. Joss asks Jack to keep schtum about their royal bloodline out of decency. Andy refuses to see Mrs Jeffers. Jim tells him to start looking for a job tomorrow as he's not going to bum his way through life at his expense. Andy is sick of everyone getting at him and announces he's leaving home. Des apologises to Steph for being rotten. He is shocked when she still goes on holiday.


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