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Vera continues to give Joss the red carpet treatment at No.9, letting him eat Jack's breakfast and telling Jack to make his own. Joss doesn't offer anything in return as he became a disciple of Gandhi after playing darts with him in Oldham and doesn't carry money. Jack tells him to go on hunger strike then. Ken gives Andy one more chance to cancel the bets and return the money before he goes to Mrs Jeffers. Andy refuses as the kids who've backed the winning team won't be happy. Raquel doesn't mind that she lost the competition as she ended up enjoying herself with Curly. Jack thinks Joss is moving back home but he's only going there to pick up some things to brighten up his bedroom at No.9. Audrey is certain that the council will kill Alf. Alec is delighted to hear that he's changed his mind. Ken shops Andy to Mrs Jeffers. She is impressed with the organisation of it but tells Andy to close it and give all the money back. Steve accuses Tracy of telling Ken of the book. Reg thinks the Weatherfield branch only lost because Brendan Scott wanted to get back at him and considers requesting an investigation from Head Office. Curly tells him about Brendan trying to seduce Raquel and convinces Reg to bide his time. Joss tells Vera that his grandfather was Edward VII. Both Des and Steph refuse to tidy the house. Des moves into the boat after a row. Alec backs Alf and is keen to discredit Deirdre. Steph falls off the boat and hurts her ankle.


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