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Alf is glad that Audrey isn't going to the WARTS dinner - she won't be able to show him up. Ken lectures Andy about encouraging children to gamble. Andy doesn't think he's doing any harm. In Buxton, Raquel feels inadequate among the other Miss Bettabuys. Curly does his best to calm her down. Brendan Scott turns out to be one of the judges. No.6 is a tip as Des and Steph refuse to clear away the broken crockery. Des buys paper plates so that they can throw them at each other to their heart's content. The Bettabuy judges vote Luddenden Foot third, Blundell Sands second and Stalybridge first. A man bumps into Curly causing him to spill his drink over himself and Raquel but this works out well for Curly as Raquel goes upstairs with him to change. When Ken tries to reason with Jim over Andy's book, he gets the cold shoulder. Jim throws his affair at him when he makes out he's setting a bad example to Andy. WARTS member Vivian Barford convinces Alf that he must stand for council and offers to lick his envelopes for him. Curly, in underpants, catches Brendan outside Raquel's door with a bottle of champagne and two glasses. After catching them arguing, Raquel shuts them both out in the corridor. Alf puts his hat in the ring.


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