Elsie determines to see Laurie before he returns to London. Val gets tired of Dave's presence and asks Ken when he's going to go. She snaps at Dave when he tries to be pleasant to her. Walter feels sorry for the way Dennis has been treated and offers him his salary from a gig but it's refused. Laurie tells Elsie that Dennis had to go because he didn't open the office over Christmas, losing them eleven bookings. Annie overhears Joan on the phone telling Gordon she can't return because Annie is ill and might have to go into hospital. Frank notices that Annie is distracted after the call. Val asks Frank to show Dave around the flat above his shop and let it to him once it's finished being done up. Annie gets annoyed when Elsie talks about Linda once leaving Ivan and thinks she's dropping hints about Joan. Annie tells Jack what she overheard and breaks down. Jack thinks she's got it all wrong. Elsie rips into Dennis for messing things up again. He tells her he has plans but Elsie isn't pleased to hear that the dole is one of them. Ena, Minnie and Martha wonder what 1964 will bring. Dave tells Frank he likes the flat but doesn't like the idea of cleaning it himself. Ken sees through him and tells him that Val will find him a cleaner. Annie determines to stay up late and have it out with Joan when she returns from seeing her friend Barbara Stock. Jack orders her to bed but Annie comes down when Joan comes in at 1.05am. She tells her what she overheard. Joan tells Annie she's left Gordon and is not going back to him but refuses to discuss the matter further. Annie starts to fret.


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