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Liz confiscates Andy's book. Alec is frustrated when the Robertses refuse to have Alf standing for council. He decides to stand himself. Curly tells Raquel that the competition could open doors for her if she does well. Raquel likes the idea of becoming a model and achieving fame. Liz plans to tell Mrs Jeffers if Jim doesn't sort Andy out; there'll be trouble whether he wins or loses. Jim warns her that Andy could be expelled if she does. Phil thinks Alec is up to something when he is friendly to him. Bet makes Alec see they could lose money if he was a councillor as he wouldn't be impartial. Phil assures Deirdre that he's not interested in her as a councillor but as a woman. Alec tries to wind Alf up into standing, saying Deirdre is too strong for him to beat. Des looks over Andy's book and tells Jim that he can't lose. Alf starts thinking he should stand but Audrey figures out Alec's game and rids him of the notion. Jim gives Andy his blessing to run the book as he's already taken bets. Liz thinks he should give the kids their money back. Des buys designer sailing wear. When he cooks stew for one, running with Steph's theme, she tips it over his lap. Curly coaches Raquel in deportment. The Barneses order their drinks separately in the Rovers. The Robertses tell Alec they can see through his tricks. Reg tells Curly that either he's going to Buxton with Raquel instead of Curly or she's not going at all.


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