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Vera tells Jack that Joss is welcome at No.9 any time he likes. Rita doesn't see any way of stopping Jenny living with Robert Weston. Alec is having second thoughts about the club. Bet thinks he's just against her running it. Angie packs and tells Rita she's leaving tonight as she's had it with Jenny. Rita begs her to stay to avoid Jenny moving Robert in. Ruby Mottram and Percy cross each other at the charity shop. He is horrified when she sells his waistcoat which he had just left on the counter. Phil leaves the Rovers. He shares his reason for staying there with Deirdre. Deirdre wonders if he's being honest when he denies knowing the man he'd been asked to defend in court. Emily has to keep the peace between Percy and Ruby. Bet convinces Alec to give the club a go; they'll still be partners even if her name is over the door. Phil comes up with the name: "The Al-Phi-Bet Club". Curly has to sleep on the sofa as Joss stays the night. Joss tells Vera how hard it was to keep his secret until now. Angie has to stay on at No.7 another week as she can't move into her new lodgings yet. Alec feels they should open the club in the old Graffiti Club premises, now unlet office accommodation. Jenny apologises to Rita and thanks her for everything she's done for her. She tells her that Angie can have the house; Robert's bought a flat and she's moving in with him. Rita thinks she's making a mistake but they part on good terms. Jenny leaves the street. Bet is appalled that Alec has to find £60,000 to go into the club venture.


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