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Veronica Holdsworth marches into The Kabin and tells Rita she knows about her and Reg as a friend has been keeping an eye on Reg while she's been in New Zealand. She isn't bothered as she has a new man and intends to go back to him after selling the house. She tells Rita that she can have Reg but Rita turns a homeless Reg away; he lied to her about being separated and she's been humiliated in front of Deirdre and Steph. Alec grows wistful when he drinks with Phil and feels he should have something more in his life. Steph tells Jenny about Reg's wife. Reg pesters Rita with calls. The Duckworths set off for Amy Burton's funeral, with Jack making a genuine effort for Vera. Emily stocks up the charity shop with helper Ruby Mottram and Deirdre. Jack reverts to type once the service is over and makes cracks about Amy being a shoplifter. He and Vera discover from Auntie Cissie that Amy left a will expressing her last wish - for Vera to look after her friend Joss Shackleton. Alec wants to get back into managing clubs and is excited when Phil shows interest. Bet worries that he's setting himself up for disappointment and warns Phil not to lead him on. Jenny calls Rita a hypocrite for going on about Robert Weston when she knew Reg had a wife. Joss tells Vera that he's her natural father.


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