Joan has stayed for Christmas at the Rovers and is up very early before her parents. The noise she makes wakes Jack up. She seems irritable and snaps at her father. Making comments about her in-laws, he asks her if she likes them and she complains that they hate her. Dennis gets up late and Elsie berates him for not going into the office at all since Christmas. Val takes too long over Florrie's hair and she is late opening the shop. Val tells a complaining Ken that Dave will just have to wait for his breakfast. Ena comes into the salon, complaining to Florrie about the shop being shut and Florrie, in turn, complains to Val. Jack annoys Annie when he scoffs at her claim that she has constant trouble sleeping. Dennis is annoyed to find Lenny's nephew Norman Phillips running the office. When Laurie arrives from London after his Christmas break, he takes Dennis for a coffee where he tells him he's not right for the business and is sacked, though he tries to let him down gently. Dave tries to chat to Val but gets short shrift. She takes her temper out on Ken. Joan tells Annie that she's not going tomorrow as planned, claiming she's arranged with Gordon to stay over New Year as the pub will be so busy. Joan helps behind the bar and the residents gossip about why she's staying so long. Dennis tells an incredulous Elsie that he's been sacked. She's amazed at Laurie's cheek and resolves to have it out with him.


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