Derek escapes from Boomer without being seen. The fox appears in the Wiltons' garden and Mavis scares it off by making a lot of noise. Boomer follows Derek's scent but a roaring drunk Jack and Bert Latham think they're on the fox's trail. Curly goes along as an observer. The neighbours are woken by the racket. When the hunt follows Derek home, Mavis hits Bert on the head with a frying pan. Rita is disappointed in Jenny but to her surprise Reg defends Robert Weston. Everyone thinks that Bert was having Jack on and there never was a fox. Mavis feels sorry for him as he becomes a laughing stock. Percy worries when Emily spends time at the hospital. Phil Jennings arranges with Alec to lodge at the Rovers. Deirdre is surprised when Liz tells her as he never mentioned anything to her. Jenny is annoyed when Rita mentions Robert's wife as Angie must have told her. Phil moves into the Rovers paying £20 a night. The Wiltons tell Jack about the fox. He feels vindicated and calls them hunt saboteurs. Vera hears from her Auntie Cissie that her mother has died. Jenny orders Angie to leave No.7 in the morning but she refuses to go as she pays her rent to Rita.


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  • The Granada Plus repeat of this episode on 20th December 2002 was edited down for timing reasons and omitted a scene of length 55" where Jenny Bradley asks Angie Freeman to call her work to tell them she'll be late as she has a "dental" appointment.
  • TV Times synopsis: The hunter's horn, the clash of a frying pan, the yelp of a hound and the cry of a Wilton…cause problems.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 16,790,000 viewers (7th place - combined figure including repeat).

Notable dialogue

Derek Wilton (to Mavis Wilton): "You know, you have a wonderful tenderness for all dumb animals - including Jack Duckworth."

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