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The employees at Bettabuy react to the news that Curly is in charge. Jack hopes that Curly will re-employ Vera now that Reg is gone. Rita absolves herself of any responsibility for Reg's "holiday", telling him that he brought it on himself. Brendan Scott talks to Vera about Rita's connection in the fix. Curly refuses Kimberley's transfer as it's too much paperwork. He tells her that she can resign if she wants a change that much and sends her to the cheese counter to get back at her for finishing with him. Raquel makes it clear that she's interested in Curly and gives him a gift for his office. Back on his feet, Alf decides not to go ahead with the flat repairs after all. Reg is horrified to see Brendan in the Rovers and slips away unnoticed. Alma, calling herself "Mrs Halliwell", makes arrangements with Mr Simpson, the estate agent, to view Jackie's house. Brendan interviews Rita about the trolley race. She is angered by his suggestion that she donated her winnings to the hospital out of guilt and refuses to talk to him. Alma tortures herself by looking round the house. Ken thinks Alf didn't report his accident as he'd have to admit it was caused by a rotten riser on the staircase. Mike and Jackie are getting ready to go out for the evening when Jackie discovers that her duvet has been cut and slashed.


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