Jack thinks Vera has blown it by reporting Reg. An ally from Head Office warns Reg that his old Bettabuy enemy Brendan Scott is coming from HQ and that a letter has been received by them. Curly wants to protect Kimberley from Adrian Gosthorpe but she tells him that he's despicable and Adrian treats her with respect. Sally writes down the Websters' weekly expenditure and discovers they can't pay Terry Seymour more than £10 a week. Mike and Jackie view a house. Out of malice, Curly tells Kimberley she can't take an early lunch with Adrian. Kimberley walks out anyway. Brendan arrives in time to see Curly shouting at Kimberley and Adrian. Alma sees an advert for Jackie's house in the paper. Reg pretends he wasn't expecting Brendan. They make veiled attacks on each other. Brendan tells him they've had a complaint about him from Vera and starts his fraud investigation over the trolley-dash. The Websters write to Terry's solicitor and hope he'll see that he won't get a better offer in court. Vera is glad to hear from Rita that Reg is in trouble. Reg tells Brendan that Vera is a rumour-monger, only for Brendan to tell him that it's the latest in a long line of complaints that Head Office has received about him in the last ten years. Raquel Wolstenhulme is intrigued when Kimberley complains about Curly trying to get her into bed. Reg takes a holiday and gives Curly the keys to the store. A reluctant Curly is placed in the manager's chair by Brendan.


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