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Kevin assures Sally that Terry Seymour was just trying it on and he'll accept their offer after he's thought about it. Vera thinks Reg sacked her because she knows too much. Alf has a sprained ankle but refuses to leave Audrey on her own at the shop. Jack blames Phyllis for losing Vera her job and is rude to her in the Rovers. Terry Seymour's solicitor writes to Kevin threatening legal action if he doesn't pay in fourteen days. He doesn't know what to do but refuses to take out a loan to pay him off. Sally becomes hysterical, remembering how her dad, Eddie, used to get into debt. Curly confronts Adrian Gosthorpe at his building society and accuses him of stealing Kimberley. Adrian accuses Curly of pestering Kimberley for sexual favours. Mike accepts an offer for his flat. Jackie decides to sell her house and for them to find somewhere together - with no memories. Audrey gets fed up with Alf being a martyr and leaves him by himself in the shop. Alf grudgingly accepts that the flat needs work and agrees to Ken's demands. Alf advises Sally to write to the solicitor explaining their financial situation. After getting nowhere on the phone, Vera writes to Bettabuy's head office complaining about Reg.


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Phyllis Pearce: "Y'know, it's usual to pour a drink for a lady."
Jack Duckworth: "Show me a lady an' I will."

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