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It is Christmas Day and Harry helps Len prepare the Glad Tidings Mission Hall in the morning. Florrie asks Emily what the surprise at the party is but she won't tell what she's heard. Emily asks Len if the rumour is true and the surprise is a This Is Your Life on a Coronation Street resident. He kids on that it might be hers. Minnie and Martha have their Christmas dinner with Ena in the Vestry, speculating on who the subject might be. Elsie warns Dennis that if it's her life there'd better be no Americans sprung on her. Len buys a rum in the Rovers for someone. Elsie wonders if it might be Bill Gregory. The drink is for Albert who is on watch in the freezing street, waiting for some mysterious arrivals. As the residents gather in the Mission Hall, Lucille hopes that Walter is the subject. Walter makes a speech thanking the residents for their support for him and then Dennis announces it is Annie's life. As she is brought up on stage, Albert is waiting outside with Joan Davies and Billy Walker also arrives from London to join them. Annie is surprised when the show includes a recorded message from Arthur Forsyth-Jones. Dennis relates how Jack and Annie took over the Rovers and began their "life of service" in 1939 and the stage guests to reminisce over that event are Ena, Minnie and Martha. Amateur opera producer Edgar Nuttall is introduced next and he and a delighted Annie duet on stage with Only a Rose from The Vagabond King. Next up are Billy, Joan and Jack. She is less pleased though when George Stubbins, the man who led the horse on which she portrayed Lady Godiva, is the next guest. Esther Hayes is the last "surprise" who says a formal farewell before her move to Glasgow. Ena leads a chorus of For She's a Jolly Good Fellow in the hope of free drinks.


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