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Kevin thinks he can repair the car for £400, saving on the labour and VAT. Alf agrees to consider Ken's demands but warns him that he'll have to raise his rent. Ken threatens to take him to a tribunal if he does. Curly overhears Rita telling Liz that Reg is separated from his wife. Terry Seymour refuses to let Kevin touch the car. Mark sees Kevin's desperation but is unsympathetic. Miss Bettabuy, Raquel Wolstenhulme, refuses to wear her bathing costume to pick the winning ticket for the trolley dash. Reg tells Curly to sort it. Mike packs his flat up. Alma goes to collect her things and is upset to see Mike and Jackie there. Brenda Taylor rows with Reg in the store for letting Curly rip up Kimberley's transfer request form. Reg tells Curly he'll see to the transfer himself but Curly threatens to tell Rita that Mrs Holdsworth is only on holiday and that they are not separated. Sally begs Mark to reconsider putting the accident on the garage's insurance. He refuses. Reg agrees to hold onto the request for a week, giving Curly time to get Kimberley back. Alf gets a plumber in to check the water heater in the flat and is told he has to pay £300 to replace it. Vera is annoyed that Reg offered Brenda free tickets for the trolley dash as Jack wasn't allowed any due to him being related to a staff member. Kevin shouts at Sally when Mark tells him that she begged for him. She doesn't know how to cope with everything. Alma invites Ken to have dinner with her in her flat. He turns her down as he has marking to do. Mark has enough with Kevin when he refuses to play darts with him in the Rovers and sacks him from the garage.


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