Mark feverishly arranges to meet Jenny to find out what Kevin meant. Kevin feels bad for Mark and regrets telling him about Jenny. Derek tries to convince Mavis that Victor is seething with jealousy and compares them to Othello and Desdemona, with Victor as Iago. Vera does her best to turn Kimberley around on Curly but gets nowhere. Reg orders Curly to pull himself together and tells him that he has to plan a trolley race in the store. Curly steals Kimberley's transfer request form from Reg's desk. Jack asks Rita to put a bet on for him when she's at the races. She refuses, thinking it'll lose. Mavis thinks Derek is wrong about Victor. Mark warns Kevin not to say things about Jenny again. Reg and Rita go to the races. Reg impresses everyone by buying a round of drinks as they leave. Jenny tells Mark that she wants them to finish as she has someone else. He calls her a slag. Kevin tells Mark that Jenny's other man was the bloke he saw with Steph. Mark thinks everyone is laughing at him and mouths off at Kevin, and later at Des. Kevin decides to do another moonlighting job despite his earlier misgivings as he's lost sympathy for Mark. Jenny won't tell Angie any more about Robert Weston. Rita does well at the races. She tells Jack that she bet on his horse and won. Kevin crashes in Terry Seymour's car.


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