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Des goes to the Boat Show. Mavis is reassured by the fact that Derek doesn't have to see Angela. Rita is annoyed when Mavis warns her off Reg due to him being married. Rita tells her that she likes the company of men. Kimberley gets upset when Vera gossips about Rita and Reg, thinking she's sticking her nose in over her and Curly. Reg makes a play for Rita when she shops at Bettabuy. She tells him that she will go dancing with him. Vera eavesdrops. Curly tries to convince Kimberley that her parents treat her like a prisoner and plans to have it out with them. Derek asks Victor to take on someone else to deal with Hawthornes but Victor refuses as he's uniquely qualified. He tells Derek that his job description is to keep Angela happy. Rita tells Reg that Vera is talking about them and demands an explanation. Reg swears he never said anything to Vera and threatens to sack her but Rita asks him not to as Vera would bad-mouth her. They agree to be dance partners only. Jenny doesn't let Mark go to a promo with her as Steph doesn't like the girls bringing their boyfriends. Angie later finds out from Steph that Jenny doesn't have a promo tonight. Angie and boyfriend Ben Williams wonder what she's up to. Curly doesn't tackle Brenda Taylor about Kimberley but he makes it clear that he doesn't like her. Kimberley grows annoyed when he obsesses over the way Brenda treats her, and proves she has a mind of her own by giving him his ring back, breaking their engagement. Curly tells Brenda to keep it.


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Mavis Wilton (talking about Kevin and Sally Webster becoming parents): "They make a lovely little family don't they?"
Emily Bishop: "They make you want to go round with a bowl of broth. Mrs Sharples would have done".

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