Mavis fusses on her way out of the house, making Derek late for picking up Angela. Derek fears she'll lose him the contract. Kevin goes back to work after receiving a £142 electricity bill. Mavis decides not to go to Darlington at the last minute. Vera thinks Curly is making a mistake dropping Kimberley. Jim has calls for the bike shop routed to the Rovers. Rita tries to avoid Reg. Reg sends Rita flowers with a card saying, "To Ginger, From Fred". Mavis grows worried when Derek doesn't phone to say he's arrived in Darlington. She calls the office and finds out he's gone out for lunch - at 4.15pm. Reg asks Vera how she would react if she received flowers from an admirer. He admits they're for Rita when she assumes he's after her. Des plans to go to the Boat Show in London. Rita is angry when Vera tells her she wants her head testing for going out with Reg. Derek tells Mavis that Victor took him and Angela out for lunch and clinched the deal. He assures her that he won't have to deal with Angela in future. Bet tells Rita there's no reason not to go out with Reg.


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