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Curly tells the Duckworths he won't try to save his engagement; he's sick of having to contend with Kimberley's parents. Ken invites Tracy to spend New Year with him. Deirdre agrees. At the café, Alma tells Martin about her split from Mike. Phil also invites Tracy to Paris but she chooses to stay with Ken. Sally's mother visits her in hospital. She and Gail enjoy being in adjacent beds. Martin tells Audrey about Alma and Mike. Audrey tries to convince Alma that she's better off without Mike but she's still in love with him. Kimberley's parents come to the Duckworths' house for tea to make up. They tell them that they want him to marry their daughter straight away. Curly's horrified. Audrey takes Alma in for a few days. Tracy decides not to tell Ken about Deirdre's trip to Paris and hopes he doesn't ask. Ken tells Bet that he has strong hopes of getting back together with Deirdre at New Year.


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