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Gail is delivered of a little boy, David, weighing 8lbs. She is put in a bed next to Sally. Ivy is annoyed at having to do the Robertses' washing-up while everyone else went to the hospital with Gail. Curly tells Vera about his bust-up with the Taylors. She takes his side and urges him to fight for Kimberley. Jack returns Boomer to Bert Latham and demands his £25 back. He's forced to back down when Boomer turns on him. Rita throws a party and invites everyone in the street. Ivy is cross that David's surname is "Tilsley" on his bracelet as he's a "Platt". Ken spends Christmas with Susan and returns with presents. He gives Tracy a present from him to Deirdre, as well as a TV for herself. Vera visits the Taylors and asks Brenda Taylor to give Curly a second chance. She refuses, considering what he did was an attempted abduction. Jim and Liz tell Jack that Bert sells Boomer every Christmas - he's been scammed. Derek saves his job by getting a big order - from Angela Hawthorne. Ken is encouraged by Susan to keep trying to win Deirdre back. Deirdre refuses to open Ken's present. Phil invites her to Paris.


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