Des arrives home to talk things through with Steph but she won't take the morning off work for him. Ivy doesn't like Don working himself to the bone. He is ratty with her when she asks him to take it easy. Curly tries to help Kimberley to go against her principles by doing the lying for her - all she has to do is nod. Annoyed at Jackie, Mike starts running the factory his way, dismissing her ideas. Des turns up at Steph's work and tells her that he wants children. She is furious. Mike installs Phyllis at the cafe for the afternoon and leaves work to take Alma out. He tells her that she's special to him. Des and Steph make up after he wears a dunce's hat and stands in the corner. Steph will keep her evening job. Don wants to open up to Ivy but feels her religion makes her too closed-minded. He eventually admits that he's worried Marie Ramsden will turn to prostitution. Ivy thinks that no moral person would ever do so. Curly tells Vera that he and Kimberley are spending Christmas Eve with Kimberley's parents, Boxing Day with them and Christmas Day with his parents. Don takes Ivy to see Marie's flat. Shocked, she offers Marie their spare room over Christmas.


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