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Mike plans a night with Jackie and tells Alma he's meeting clients in Rotherham and staying overnight. Ken thinks Deirdre and Phil are no longer an item and arranges to meet Deirdre at the Rovers. The Wiltons and Pendleburys lunch together. Mavis tries to be adventurous with her order to distance herself from indecisive Yvonne. Victor accuses Derek of not liking Yvonne. Des keeps on at Steph to resign from her evening job. At the Ingram's Christmas party, Jackie thanks the staff and praises Mike. Before setting out on a date with Phil, Deirdre stops by the Rovers for one drink so that Ken will see that they haven't split up. Alma admits to Audrey that she realises Mike is having an affair but doesn't want to challenge him as he'll choose Jackie. She decides to wait it out, hoping it'll fizzle out. Steph returns to an empty house and a note saying "ta ta" from Des. Ivy catches Mike and Jackie in an (innocent) embrace.


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Yvonne Pendlebury (with reference to monkfish): "I just wanted to know it's not one of those kind of fish with very ugly faces."
Derek Wilton: "You're going to eat it, not enter it for a beauty competition!"

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