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Percy discovers that Phyllis is ill. He visits and nurses her. Phil has to cancel the London trip because of business. Deirdre doesn't want to give people the satisfaction and decides to go on her own instead. Mike spends the night with Jackie. He tells Alma his car broke down in Halifax. Percy falls asleep at Phyllis's house and he ends up spending the night slumped in a chair. When he doesn't return home, Emily fears he's had an accident and calls the police. She's annoyed to learn the real reason for his disappearance upon his morning homecoming, while Percy is equally angry with Phyllis for not waking him up. Angie thinks that Jenny and Steph look like tarts in their costumes. Don fixes a new lock for Marie - he tells her that Ivy isn't bothered about him. Phyllis tells everyone that Percy stayed the night, deliberately giving them the wrong idea. Ken plans to take Tracy to a matinee but she goes off with Graham Egerton and they miss the show. She is furious when Ken tells her off in front of him.


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