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Ivy tries to get Don to tell her what's been on his mind lately. Mike tells Alma that the watch is a cheap reproduction from a rep. Ken agrees to have Tracy for the weekend but Deirdre withdraws the offer when he makes comments about Phil going to London to sort out his tax problems. Angie makes Sally a smock. Steph promotes 'Pomme de Lite', a new cider, for £20 a night and gets Jenny to join her. Bet offers to put Tracy up but Deirdre doesn't want to give Ken ammunition by leaving her at a pub. Audrey isn't pulling her weight at the shop so Sally lends a hand. Marie tells Don that she's left Eddie and when he comes out of prison she hopes he won't be able to find her. She's annoyed that he told Bet where she lives. Ken makes peace with Deirdre and she lets Tracy stay with him. Jenny is shocked at the skimpy costume she has to wear for the promo. Mark doesn't like it. Audrey sees Mike and Jackie together going into a restaurant. Alma tells her that they'll be meeting a client. Deirdre and Phil embrace.


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