Don gives Ivy an excuse for not driving her to the bingo and switching off his radio. She doesn't believe him. Mike tells Alma that he's resigned. Alma begs him to ask Jackie for his job back. Ken thinks Phil knows a bent copper when Deirdre tells him how she found out about him going to the police. Deirdre calls him sick. Jackie doesn't know how she feels about Mike. Alma thinks Mike will hate her if he doesn't get his job back. Mike reminds Jackie of Peter's affair with Sandra Rogers when she worries about betraying him. Audrey is furious that Alf expects her to work in the shop. Don buys groceries for Marie Ramsden and puts £20 under the box. Ivy decides to buy a rocking horse for Sarah Louise for £90. Linda Patterson tells Ken that Phil is being investigated by the tax people. She provides a sympathetic ear as he tells her about his split from Deirdre. Sally finishes at the shop. Alf and Audrey buy a pram for her. Phil asks Deirdre to accompany him on a business weekend in London. Don refuses to spend £90 on a child's toy. Mike tells Alma that Jackie has taken him back on.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Don makes a financial gesture, behind Ivy's back, to what he considers is a worthy cause. Alma spends a day in anguish as Mike sorts out his position at Ingrams.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 16,670,000 viewers (8th place - combined figure including repeat).
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