Derek is severely hungover. Nigel Chadwick doesn't turn up for his paper round. Rita has enough of Mavis's apathy and sees Derek in an effort to bring them back together. He is full of shame about about his antics at the Rovers. Mavis is upset when Phyllis tells her all about it. Phil tells Deirdre that he saw Ken but didn't threaten him. Nigel Chadwick's mother tells Rita that he's not delivering anymore because a man accused him of theft. His father is going to sort Percy out. Emily hears her description of the man and realises it was Percy. Derek tells Mavis that he has no intention of selling No.4. She is upset that he got drunk. Emily threatens to evict Percy if he doesn't drop his enquiries. Rita helps Mavis to return home. Alma refuses a night out with Audrey, thinking of Mike on his own. Phyllis points Percy out to a man who turns out to be Nigel's dad. He threatens Percy in the Rovers and is amazed when the regulars stand up for Percy. Alma phones the hotel in Harrogate and is shocked to speak to Jackie. Mike assures her that Jackie had just popped in.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Emily takes action as Percy’s detective work threatens the peace again! Mike finds himself in a difficult situation.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 18,230,000 viewers (2nd place - combined figure including repeat).
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