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The police discover that there are no signs of forced entry at No.4. Mavis is sickened. Alec is shocked to see a police car outside the house and fears the Wiltons have reported him over the holiday. Phil Jennings entertains Deirdre and Tracy on bonfire night to champagne and rockets. Rita arrives at No.4 to look after a distraught Mavis. Percy is shocked by the burglary as he last checked the house at 6.00pm. Derek accuses him of leaving the door unlocked. The burglars have taken the TV, radio, video, carriage clock, Derek's cufflinks, Mavis's chain and locket and the Wedgwood ornaments. Derek blames Alec for the break-in and threatens him with legal action unless he gives them their £800 back and compensation for stress. Alec feels he's been treated unfairly and bars Derek. Mavis feels that her house has been contaminated and breaks down. Phil keeps the champagne flowing at No.1 despite having to drive home. Mark Casey is annoyed when Angie interrupts a heavy session with Jenny. Jack and Ken tell Percy his conscientiousness might have made things worse as the burglar could have been watching the house and learned his routine. Percy determines to find the burglars. On his way home late in the evening, Ken sees that Phil's car is still outside No.1. Mavis refuses to stay at No.4 and Rita agrees to put her up.


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